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INTERIM REPORT – Lewisham East Parliamentary By-election 14/06/18

A team of 4 observers registered with, and accredited by, the UK’s Electoral Commission, made 38 separate observations in 36 different polling stations across the Lewisham East Parliamentary Constituency. This constituted approximately 88% … Continue reading

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FINAL REPORT – English Local Elections (including Voter ID Pilots) 03/05/18

All observers were trained and briefed on the process of observation in the days before polling day. The briefing for the Northern Councils was held in Manchester on Saturday 28th … Continue reading

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PRELIMINARY STATEMENT – Ireland’s Referendum on the 36th Amendment of the Constitution (Abortion) 25/05/18

A team of 25 international election observers have attended over 275 polling stations across Ireland in today’s referendum. The team was made up of observers from the UK, Canada, the … Continue reading

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FINAL REPORT – Tower Hamlets Mayoral and Council Elections 03/05/18

The mission deployed a series of observers to attend several aspects of the electoral process in Tower Hamlets. Before polling day a team of 2 attended the Council’s briefing to … Continue reading

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SPECIAL REPORT – Voter ID Pilots in English Local Elections 03/05/18

Democracy Volunteers deployed teams across the five councils conducting Voter ID Pilots on May 3rd. Teams of observers were deployed as follows: Bromley          2 Teams of four observers Gosport … Continue reading

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FINAL REPORT – Netherlands Municipal Elections & Advisory Referendum 21/03/18

The mission deployed 4 observers in two teams of two. These were registered with The Netherlands’s Ministry of The Interior and Kingdom Relations. These four observers were accredited to observe … Continue reading

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Democracy Volunteers Speak to UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia

After Democracy Volunteers’ successful deployment to the Catalonian regional elections on December 21st 2017, as attendees of the voting, the UK Parliament’s special interest group for Catalonia (the All Party … Continue reading

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