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About us

Democracy Volunteers

We are a non-partisan UK-based domestic and international election observation group led by an expert team of experienced election observers, academics and professionals.

We aim to report on our observations in a constructive and encouraging way to benefit the delivery of democracy and to benefit the electorate as a whole.

We maintain strict impartiality and require our observers to abide by UK and international standards, as well as the relevant local legal framework, when acting as our observers.

We receive no state funding and all our observers give their time voluntarily. They attend elections either with the funding of the organisation’s grants or at their own cost if it is in their local area or on one of our international observations. We receive regular support through personal donations from our supporters as well as individual fund raising events by Democracy Volunteers and individual supporters. We have also received support through grants and work undertaken.

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What we are doing

We are conducting a Virtual Election Observation Mission (VEOM). From seasoned international and domestic observers to first-time members, we have recruited a global team of keen observers to assess the 2020 USA elections – but not just the Presidential election! We are examining the entire system from top to bottom, from county-level measures to the Presidential contest, we aim to observe every facet of the United States’ electoral system.

As part of this Virtual Election Observation Mission, we are looking at a number of aspects of the election from interviewing county and state election officials to monitoring ‘traditional’ and new media.

You can check out the findings of our social media analysis team below (findings updated weekly)

How we are doing it

Due to the ongoing international health crisis, we have been unable to deploy a team on the ground to observe the 2020 USA elections.

All our observers, whether experienced or first-timers, have been required to complete extensive training and briefing on the current political climate, what elections are being held and of course a strict code of conduct to ensure impartiality and homogeneity across our observation.