The Scottish Government’s Consultation on Electoral Reform

Submission to the Scottish Consultation on Electoral Reform 12th March 2018 

The Electoral Commission’s Consultation of UK Electoral Observation

Democracy Volunteers Submission to EC Consultation 31st October 2018

The APPG on Electoral Campaign Transparency

Response to the APPG Campaign Transparency Inquiry 28th July 2019

Electoral Commission Consultation on draft guidance for Returning Officers: Assistance with voting for persons with disabilities

Response to Electoral Commission Consultation 17th October 2022


Westminster Parliamentary General Elections

UK General Election 2017 Final Report 8th June 2017

UK General Election 2019 Final Report 12th December 2019

National Assembly for Wales Elections

South Wales Central Region Final Report 5th May 2016

Northern Ireland Elections

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Final Report 2nd March 2017

Northern Ireland Local Elections Final Report 2nd May 2019

European Parliamentary Elections

EU Parliamentary Election UK & Netherlands Final Report 23rd May 2019

EU Parliamentary Election The Netherlands Final Report 23rd May 2019

International Election Observations

Norwegian Parliamentary Elections 2017 Final Report 11th September 2017

Finland Presidential Election 2018 Final Report 28th January 2018

Netherlands Municipal Elections & Referendum 2018 Final Report 21st March 2018

Ireland Abortion Referendum 2018 Final Report 25th May 2018

Sweden Parliamentary Elections 2018 Final Report 9th September 2018

Netherlands Provincial & Water Board Elections Final Report 20th March 2019

Finland Parliamentary Elections Final Report 14th April 2019

Gibraltar Parliamentary Elections Final Report 17th October 2019

Ireland General Election Final Report 8th February 2020

USA General Election Final Report 3rd November 2020

English Local Elections

English Local Elections 2018 Final Report

English Local Elections 2019 Final Report