Democracy Volunteers Online Observation Training Courses.

Democracy Volunteers have recently been preparing a set of online teaching modules, for new and experienced observers to take, to understand aspects of the UK electoral process, to learn how to become an observer and how to improve those skills once you have them.

The courses include:

  • Short Term Election Observer Training (LIVE)
  • Long Term Election Observer & Core Team Training (LIVE)
  • Women’s Participation Training with Lesley Abdela (LIVE)
  • Media Analyst Training with Elizabeth Blunt (LIVE)
  • Security Training (LIVE)
  • Count Training – England (LIVE)
  • Count Training – Scotland and Wales (LIVE)
  • Count Training – Northern Ireland (COMING SOON)
  • Different Electoral Systems (COMING SOON)

These are just the courses we have designed in the first instance. More will become available as we develop more content and as people go through the process of the courses.

Some courses are free to new observers who are recruited by Democracy Volunteers as part of our ongoing work to increase our team of observers across the UK. Gold, Silver and Bronze membership allows free or discounted access to the courses and if you are interested in membership, supporting the ongoing work of Democracy Volunteers, please contact us through the contact page or by emailing before applying for the course you are interested in.

We hope you enjoy the courses and find them useful as you become an observer or hone your skills further.