Democracy Volunteers receives no state funding and all our observers give their time voluntarily. They attend elections either with the funding of the organisation’s grants or at their own cost if it is in their local area or on one of our international observations. We receive regular support through personal donations from our supporters as well as individual fund raising events by Democracy Volunteers and individual supporters. We have also received support through grants and work undertaken.

AWRT LogoIn 2019, The Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust Ltd., has awarded us a grant for our project to assess family voting in the UK. This will allow us to continue to inform Government on challenges to the secret ballot in the UK. We are grateful to the trustees for their support in our work for the May local elections.


jrrt-logoIn 2018 and 2019, The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd. has awarded us grants for our project to assess access to voting and electoral fraud in the local elections in which we will assess family voting. This focuses on stopping or ameliorating the potentially negative impacts of the requirement for the use of ID to vote. We received two similar grants in 2017 from the Trust.


IESC LogoIn 2018 and 2019, Democracy Volunteers hosted a team of international election observers from Eastern Europe, funded by the International Elections Study Centre, based in Vilnius Lithuania. The observers attended a series of meetings with election authorities and attended polling stations on May 3rd for the local elections.


Exeter Annual Fund LogoThe University of Exeter’s annual fund has funded two of our projects. The first was during the 2015 UK General Election in the Camborne & Redruth and Exeter constituencies.

In 2016 the fund sponsored the 28 strong observer team to attend the National Assembly for Wales election in the South Wales Central region.



Crowdfunder LogoThe majority of our funding in 2016 came from supporters and the observers themselves through organisations such as Crowdfunder – also based in Cornwall.


AEO LogoFor the 2017 and 2019 UK General Elections we co-ordinated with AEGEE Election Observation, a leading European youth observation group, to bring observers to the UK.



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