Democracy Volunteers request detailed breakdown over new EU referendum voter registration deadline

Cropped Democracy Volunteers MainWith the apparent failure of the UK government’s website to allow voter registration in the final few hours of Tuesday 7th June the deadline has now been extended until midnight on Thursday 9th June 2016.

As such Democracy Volunteers Director, Dr John Ault, has requested that the Electoral Commission make the numerical and geographic data available for these new registrations.

As part of Democracy Volunteers observation of the EU referendum this data will be programmed into statistics to evaluate if this new crop of applications could have materially affected the outcome in some counting areas. It will also allow Democracy Volunteers to assess whether this data should have an effect on whether local counting officers are given authority to proceed with local recounts before submitting their local results to the regional counting officer.

Dr Ault said, ‘as the polls suggest that the EU referendum could be very close the uptake in voter registration, over the period following the original deadline, could be significant in the final result. We will be monitoring this from the 300+ counts across the country to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of the result for the electorate.’


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